Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mickey Mouse Shaped Waffles

Disneyland Fun Fact: Disney Management still refers to opening day as "Black Sunday." Temperatures were unseasonably hot (well over 100 degrees), drinking fountains were dry (thanks to a plumbers' strike), toilets clogged, food ran out, there was a gas leak in Fantasyland, and women's high heels sank into the asphalt on Main Street. To make it easier for female guests to get around, they were given free pairs of moccasins, because those were the only shoes Disneyland sold for adults

This beautiful plate of Mickey Mouse waffles came from Storyteller Cafe at Downtown Disney. My sister refuses to eat it because she can't bear the thought of eating something that's shaped like an animal or a cute character. Whatever. More for me I say. FYI - if you do ever eat here, ask your waiter to bring you a fresh plate. Otherwise, you will probably get waffles that have been sitting out for awhile.


  1. I like eating food that is in animal shapes.

    The weirdness here is twofold:

    1) I think that's probably weird in a general sense.
    2) I'm a vegetarian, so, um, yeah.

    Thanks for the tip too, that was sweet of you.

  2. I like eating animal shaped food too but i think it's partly due to the fact that i know it makes my sister cringe when she sees me eat them. i'm not opposed to biting an ear or head off, taking a pic, and sending it to her. Weird? probably but i'm ok with that. And I like your second reason on why it's weird for you. It made me chuckle.