Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This is the first blog I have ever created, so I'm kind of learning the ins and outs of the blogosphere and what I want to talk about in my own blog. As much as I would love to come up with a new recipe or cook a new dish every day, that just isn't going to happen. I am not creative enough and kind of expensive because it would require me to constantly restock my pantry. Soooooo, I was thinking that perhaps I could talk about fun/interesting food-related articles and books that I have read. I was also thinking about reviewing restaurants, pastry shops, and chocolate shops I visit or would like to visit in the future. And finally, I was thinking about throwing in random Disney facts and news about the park since I have completely given into the propaganda that it's the happiest place on earth. What do you all think?

Well, in the mean time, I would love to post some pictures from my fun Cinco De Mayo weekend that I spent in Downtown LA.

First up, my sister and I stayed at the beautiful Omni Hotel for the weekend so that we could both have a really good time without having to worry about who's driving.
 One of the places I really wanted to visit is Syrup Desserts. They have a HUGE dessert selection and I wanted to try them all, like the red velvet ding dong.

   BUT, I couldn't pass up this rare opportunity to try their famous brown bread ice cream waffle sandwich. Can you tell I was excited? It was really really good and surpassed all my expectations. the brown bread tasted like caramelized brown sugar bits added as a nice sticky crunch to the delicious ice cream. I also loved how the waffle was a little saltier than usual to offset the sweetness.

I also had to make a stop at one of my favoritest cupcake stores of all times. Their cupcakes never fail to disappoint me and I love how it still tastes fresh and moist the day after.

 Choosing one cupcake was really hard. It ultimately came down to the heath bar crunch cupcake and the reese's pieces chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. I ultimately picked the reese's pieces. IT.WAS.UHHHH-MAZING.

 Since it was Cinco De Mayo, my sister and I headed to Olvera Street to participate in a large festival that was being thrown in honor of the holiday. I really wanted to eat some authentic Mexican food but the line was like a mile long. Booo. The food smelled and looked delicious.
 And lastly, we trekked to Bottega Louie for some of their magical macarons. I surprisingly didn't see any chocolate ones. It's okay though. I comforted myself with matcha green tea and salted caramel while my sister ordered a raspberry (?) and lavender flavored one. MMMMM


  1. Jessica,

    I would love to read more about things you like and things you do! Of course I love reading about your kitchen adventures but I know from your comments on my posts that you are really hilarious! You've got things to say- say 'em!

    Also I'm a Disney freak so I'm so on board for that shizz.