Friday, January 13, 2012

First Post!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Chocolate Stained Kitchen, which is my very first blog and this is my very first post. I am a huge food lover and think about food all day every day. In fact, I am always obsessing thinking about what I will eat for my next meal. So, it is no surprise that I spend all of my spare time (which I sadly have a lot of) looking at weekly supermarket ads and scouring the Internet for new recipes to try. Sadly, I am pretty sure that my addiction fondess for food is becoming a problem because I am constantly bombarding my friends and family with new recipes I have stumbled upon to the point of annoyance. So, for the sake of their sanity (and for my desire to still have friends), I have decided to create a food blog where I can share recipes and restaurants I have tried. I hope you enjoy my blog. =)

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