Monday, February 13, 2012

Empty Handed & Heavy Hearted

This morning’s breakfast was supposed to be special. You see, last week, I ordered a bag of Navitas’s cacao bits, cacao powder, and hemp seeds on Amazon’s website. I was particularly excited for the cacao bits and powder because of all the hoopla about it being organic, healthy, and high quality chocolate. In my head, this is interpreted as chocolate that I don’t have to feel guilty for eating, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.
Now, according to Amazon, my package had an expected delivery date of Saturday.  So, throughout the week, I combed through the Internet for recipes that I could use it in and even planned an oatmeal recipe for it as well. Every day, I kept checking the website to make sure that no funky business was happening that would prevent it from arriving on time. On the big day, I went to the gym earlier than usual just so that I could be home during the hours of when the post man might swing by. I didn’t want to take any chances with this package getting stolen by some juvenile delinquents or getting damaged from the rays of Mr. Sun. And so, from the hours of 11 am to 4 pm I waited…and waited…and waited. The post man FINALLY came at 3:30, and as soon as I heard him leave I zip-a-dee-doo-dah'ed to the mail box only to see that there was no package for me. Just bills.....
Empty handed and heavy hearted, I was forced to come up with Plan B for breakfast. In the end, I decided that in honor of our new coffee maker (which was actually purchased around Thanksgiving but we finally finished our stock of instant coffee) and steel cut oats that I had just bought for the first time, I would make coffee oatmeal.
I was a bit worried that this science experiment of mine would not work because I’ve only cooked with rolled oats and quick oats, which take 10 minutes tops to cook. Also, I was concerned about how the steel cut oats would react being cooked in coffee for 30 minutes. So, with fingers crossed (Mickey joined me by crossing his fingers and legs), we prayed that this dish would be edible at the very least.

After 30 agonizing minutes, the oats were done and ready to be jazzed up with some sliced bananas, Wild Squirrel PB, and Ha’s Farm’s Pom Apple jelly.

Right before digging in, Mickey could tell I was kind of uneasy, so he tried to cheer me up by sharing some hidden & unknown secrets of Disneyland. =)

The verdict? I honestly couldn’t taste the coffee at all, which was a bit disappointing but it was still good. Overall, I’m just glad it didn’t turn into a bust. I think maybe next time I will add more coffee with a generous scoop of cacao powder.  Seriously, that Amazon package better be on my doorstep when I get home tonight or else monster Jessica will be unleashed on Amazon and/or USPS. GRRRRR!!!

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