Sunday, February 12, 2012

So Many Choices, So Litte Stomach Space

The weekend is quickly coming to an end <tears>, which means I will soon need to prepare for the upcoming week (meals, laundry, schoolwork…). Bleh! But first, let’s look back on the fun events that occurred over the weekend, shall we?    
My Friday ended pretty well. My work day ended early when my boss told us to go home at 4 pm, which meant more time at Disney =) As soon as I got home and dressed in my Disney attire, I picked up my friend and her sister and off we went to the happiest place on earth! To our surprise, we barely hit any traffic on the 5 North, which was definitely a treat since it’s usually bumper-to-bumper around that time. The Disney fairies must have been on our side =)
As soon as we arrived at the park, we made a bee-line to the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. There wasn’t much of a line either; probably because it was only 5:15. Note to self: the early bird catches the worm = must eat like a senior citizen more often.

However, there was one downside. Shorter wait time means less time to decide on what to eat. I wanted to eat the caprese sandwich again, but I also wanted to try something new. After studying the menu, I narrowed down my selection between the oven-roasted turkey sandwich and the grilled vegetable & whole grain salad. I was trying to keep my dinner light because I knew that I was going to go overboard on dessert. The salad sounded light and healthy, but I already had salad for lunch that day. So, turkey sandwich won.

Although the turkey sandwich looked pretty, I was disappointed with it after the first bite and regretted not getting the salad or the caprese sandwich. I guess it was my own fault for getting something standard like a turkey sandwich, but for some reason I had high hopes that Disney would do something to jazz it up.

But dessert more than made up for the lackluster dinner. I had originally wanted to pick up special Valentine’s Day desserts from a particular store on Main Street, but it was closed due to reconstruction. The other side of Main Street wasn’t an option since the Soundsational Parade just started. So….our dessert journey led us to Marceline’s Confectionary at Downtown Disney, which is pretty much like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Prior to heading into the store, the goal was to limit myself to 2 treats top, but of course I ended up leaving with 4 treats!

Chocolate Oreo brownie, which was only ok. It wasn’t moist enough.

Milk Chocolate Truffle. It was chocolate-y and rich. Loved it!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven (I don’t remember it’s exact name but that’s what I’m calling it) It’s like a match-made in heaven with reese’s pieces and snickers. It was my favorite.

Milk Chocolate Covered S’mores. I was chocolate’ed out after eating a few bites of the oreo, truffle, and choco/pb concoction, so I saved this one for Saturday. I ate half of it at regular temperature and the other half frozen. Both versions were equally yummy but it doesn’t come close to the Chocolate Peanut Butter sandwich sold at Pooh Bakery.

Family Picture:

And now I am off to buy ingredients for some Fluffer-Oreo cupcakes I’m baking for my friend’s birthday, which just so happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Happy Weekend!!

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