Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Salad Spin

Sometime between drinking a few Hot Toddy and watching the Voice, I managed to put together today's lunch. I had an orange and wrinkled kiwi on my kitchen counter that were looking kind of sad, so I decided on a fruit salad. I usually eat my fruit without any seasoning or topping but I was in the mood for something more exciting. I know that some people like to drizzle fresh lemon juice on top of their fruit but I am not a fan of that. And since a bottle of Madagascar vanilla bean paste was still on my counter from when I made my Hot Toddy, I thought I would give it a try. I also added cacao nibs (which I just realized I have been calling bits this whole time!) just for the heck of it. =)

Fruit Salad Ingredients

1 kiwi -sliced
1 orange -sliced
2 dried prunes -sliced
1/2 tsp - vanilla bean paste
Handful - cacao nibs

After cutting the fruit and prunes, I poured the vanilla bean paste on top. I stirred the ingredients together, sprinkled cacao nibs on top, and let it sit overnight.

Here it is the night before:
Here it is in the morning:

Up close and personal shot:

I'm loving the vanilla bean specks. High quality vanilla bean paste totally makes a difference

I really like this fruit salad and plan on making it again in the future. It's light, sweet, refreshing, and most importantly, low-maintenance in the prepping department. Yummilicious!

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