Monday, March 19, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

Over the weekend, I went on a trip to Target, which is always dangerous for me. They always have such great sales and I have such little will power. Every time I go there I always end up buying stuff I don’t really need. Bad!!!! My very unnecessary purchase from this trip is a bag of Gevalia chocolate raspberry coffee. The last thing I need is more coffee because I have like 5 bags in my pantry but I just can’t say no to anything chocolate or coffee related, especially when it’s on clearance. I mean, chocolate raspberry flavored coffee?? The name literally beckons.

Even though, I already have 2 opened bags of ground coffee, I was forced to try this flavor this morning. The bag was on the counter staring at me and saying, “try me!! Try meeeee!!!” So, I did what I was told and promptly scooped a few tablespoons into the coffee maker. And as if drinking a few mugs of this delicious coffee isn’t enough, I just had to put it in my oatmeal as well.  

Enter chocolate raspberry coffee oatmeal

Topped with a few Nestle chocolate chips 

Served with my third mug of chocolate raspberry coffee

I’m thinking that this flavor would work perfectly in scones, muffins, or cookies…must get working on a recipe with it.

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