Saturday, March 10, 2012

My love for all things chocolate and recently peanut butter has pretty much taken over my life and palate. When I come across something I have never eaten before or when a company releases a new product that is chocolat/pb related, I have to try it. My friends and family are aware of my addiction as well and are more than happy to fuel fire to that addiction of mine. Enter my friend Bill. After our walk on Thursday, he surprised me with some yummy delights.

Kellogg has just come out with its new cereal called Krave. There are two flavors - chocolate Krave and double chocolate Krave. Chocolate Krave simply has chocolate on the inside whereas the double chocolate Krave has chocolate on the inside but has a chocolate coating on the outside as well. Bill knows that I am a total glutton and there is no such thing as too much chocolate. In fact, I live by the rule of the more chocolate the better. =)

I dug in right away despite the fact that we had just finished eating dinner.

It was delicious. I don't know if I would necessarily eat it for breakfast but it is officially my go-to snack or quick fix for when I am craving chocolate, which is basically ummm all the time? Haha.

He also bought me a box of these awesome peanut butter fiber bars from Trader Joe's.

These bars are amazing and the texture kind of reminds me of rice krispy treats meets Girl Scout Samoas cookies. I love these bars for several reasons. One, it is the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter. Two, they are pretty healthy with each bar having 130 calories, 6g of sugar, 6g of protein and 9g of dietary fiber. Three, it doesn't taste like cardboard, which makes it the perfect pre-workout and post-workout snack. Must learn how to make this.

Lovin' that chocolate layer on the bottom. =)
And finally, check out my new addition to my ever expanding nut jar collection.

This peanut butter is really, really good and one of my favorite peanut butters. It's creamy, crunchy, salty, and I just love the bite that the flaxseeds provide.
Thanks for the presents Bill!

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