Sunday, July 15, 2012

Iced Coffee

I love coffee and need to drink it every morning. Without it, I basically look like this all day.

Not very pretty, am i right? (Btw, that's basically what my nose looked like all last week. Sexy, I know.)

The longest I've ever gone without it was all of last week when I was sick and discovered that caffeine is basically like kryptonite to a sore throat. Several websites suggested drinking decaf insead but what's the point in drinking coffee if it doesn't have caffeine. That's basically it's reason for existing, no?

Anyhooooo, usually breakfast routine during the week days works like this: fill up Mr. Coffee pot, make breakfast while Mr. Coffee pot is earning its keep on my kitchen counter, and happily fill up my big gulp sized Minnie Mouse mug when it's ready. But, I have been experiencing 2 problems with coffee for awhile now and I finally came up with a solution.

Problem 1: I like my coffee super strong, so I use a wasteful amount of ground coffee every morning. In order to make myself feel better about my gluttonness, I make another pot of coffee with the same grinds. The thing is that the coffee isn't as strong the second time around for obvious reasons, which means it doesn't taste as good. So, my taste buds and my very necessary caffeine intake level are both left unsatisfied.

Problem 2: During the summer or basically whenever it feels like summer, I like to drink iced coffee to combat with the heat and humidity. I have always made iced coffee with plain old iced cubes, which unfortunately becomes coffee flavored water if I don't drink it quickly enough.


During my week of withdrawls, I came up with a brilliant idea. Coffee cubes! Now, I know that realistically I am not the first person to have come up with idea but it made me feel pretty smart and awesome, so I'm just going to pretend that I am the mastermind behind this creation.
Now, at first I was planning on using my regular iced cube tray...until I remembered that a few months ago I bought this really cool Mickey Mouse silicone muffin pan.

Second pot of coffee gets reycled as iced cubes, which helps prevent my iced coffee from turning into coffee flavored water. 2 problems solved and the solution comes out pretty damn cute too. Oh, and the coffee that I'm drinking right now is Chocolate Hazelnut flavor, which is very delicious. Can't wait to try the Cookiedoodle flavor next! =)


  1. you're so smart and resourceful! :)

  2. It's so cold up here in SF that I want some HOT coffee. I can't believe I brought SHORTS.

    But the coffee cubes are awesome.

  3. The Management: Thanks! I was very proud of my little brain for being useful. It does that every now and then. I think this has officially become my new iced cube tray. Seing Mickey's head float in my drink makes everything better. I mean how can you not smile when you see mickey floating in your cup? I heart Disney.

    Marisa: It's Norcal. What did you expect? Go to Fisherman's Wharf for some clam chowder. Don't forget to go to the Biscoff Cafe and pick up some biscoff jars for me!