Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beer Bread

Sooo I first came across this recipe last December but never had the balls to make it because it seemed a bit out of my league. But, it's been several months and after making pizza dough from scratch I feel a little more confident of my cooking/baking skills. I'm not gonna lie though. I was still kind of scared about working with self-rising flour since I've never used it before. But I was bored and figured worst case scenario I would be stuck with something inedible. So, what is it that I made?

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Beer Bread

Bridget, the mad scientist behind this blog, developed 4 amazing beer bread recipes - cinnamon chocolate chip, orange nutmeg, gruyere and rosemary, and classic. Of course, I immediately found myself drawn to her and these recipes because (1) beer is awesome and any reason to include it in my diet is a win and (2) she came up with 4 different recipes for beer bread, which officially makes her my hero. Although all 4 types of beer bread appear to be mouth-watering, there was no way I couldn't make the cinnamon chocolate chip beer bread first. Chocolate + beer  = no brainer.

Headed for the oven

Fresh out of the oven slathered with some honey butter and cinnamon sugar

Now, head on over to her blog while I loosen the belt and get working on the other 3 beer breads. Mmmmmm


  1. the gruyere and rosemary one is totally going to be the best.

    because I said so.

  2. i know right?! i mean cheesy beer bread?!! MMMM. i just might have to make that this weekend