Saturday, July 7, 2012

Avocado Celebration

In my previous post, I mentioned that this July 1 - July 7 is California Avocado week and in honor of that, I bought a bag of California grown avocados with the intention of making a dish focusing on it. Sadly, it seems I suck at picking avocados because they aren't ripe yet and won't be until after California Avocado week is over. Oops.

But, I will still be celebrating tonight at Downtown Disney. All week Disney has been celebrating all week by having several chefs do a cooking demonstration of dishes with avocado as the shining star. Each demonstration is held in front of a particular restaurant with its executive chef in charge of the demonstration and afterwards everyone gets a sample. So, tonight, I will be at Catal with the hopes of watching and maybe tasting tartare of Hamachi with Shisho, Micro Cilantro and California Avocado and Jalapeno Sorbet. Afterwards, I will be eating at Catal because the head chef has put together 2 special avocado dishes. Neither of these dishes are posted on Catal's website so it will be a surprise.
My love for avocado is kind of funny because I absolutely hated it up until last year. I hated it since the first time I tried it in kindergarten. Everything about it disgusted me - the mushy texture, the awful green color that reminds me of bird poo, and how it browns very quickly. People often could not fathom that I was grossed out by avocado and would always ask me if I ate guacamole. Um no because it's made out of avocado???!!! But then, I gave it another chance last year and fell in love.

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  1. avocado is so freaking good.... guac is the best.