Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini Disneyland Vaca

Sorry for the very late post but today was a bit hectic. I worked a half day, drove straight to Santa Monica to take care of some business, and then headed back to Orange County to start my mini Disneyland vacation (wheee!!!!!!). Although I have been to Disneyland almost every year since I was a baby, this is my first time staying at one of their hotels. This has always been a dream of mine because I've always wanted to live the true Disney experience. But it's kind of hard to justify staying at their hotel because it's really expensive and I literally live 10 minutes away. However, I got incredibly lucky and am able to stay here for free!! Sadly, my time here will be a short one - from today until tomorrow night, but it's better than nothing and I will take what I can get (esp since it's free).  So, please forgive me for not posting any recipes but I will be posting pictures of my Disney adventure.
View of California Adventure from my hotel room
My Winnie the Pooh chillin on the bed


 Tonight's agenda: Rides then dinner at Catal and finally partay in the hotel room. Toodles until tomorrow. =) 



  2. I will when I go home. My battery is running low and i still have tons of pics i want to take tomorrow. I knew I should have charged it yesterday. This is what i get for being lazy. haha